Monday, October 17, 2011

Post 4

What once stood so bright is longer there. What once was full of life, is no longer breathing. The screams and the yelling stained inside my head is what i see when i look at this picture. So tall it reached the clouds. Thousands went to work that day; however many where taken from the chance of seeing another day. Bright and sunny was the day perfect for a picnic or a beach day. I was in school, on the fifth floor playing dodgeball. I disliked going up those flights of stairs. Nonetheless, that day I witness what many didn't know after a while or so. The beautiful blue sky now where dark and gray. Covered was the skies above black and gray spreading closer and closer. We just panic, we were little kids with no understanding of what was accruing. Wasn't it just another normal day? What was moments of happiness suddenly turned to crying and yelling. We didn't know what it was we cried about but we knew it was because the adults where crying. Later in years as i got older I understood my teacher cries. Now I understood that inside my teacher there was pain because she didn't know if her daughter had made it safe from the flight she had taken that same day. I see the before and after picture and it makes me feel unpleasant. I feel a strong connection to what had accrued. Last week I also lost someone special, my grandma. She was very special to me but sadly to weak to fight her demons. Everyday people lose a person, thing or place that once brought happiness and joy. I see these towers and I think what a beautiful world we live in; we can somehow overcome our differences to stand under one for a day and have compassion for one another. Towers how you stand so tall and proud, pictures are all that are left, however, pictures can be enough to tell a story. I have just told mine; millions can tell others. One thing to agree on is if we come together the world makes for a better and happier place.

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