Monday, October 17, 2011

Post 4

What once stood so bright is longer there. What once was full of life, is no longer breathing. The screams and the yelling stained inside my head is what i see when i look at this picture. So tall it reached the clouds. Thousands went to work that day; however many where taken from the chance of seeing another day. Bright and sunny was the day perfect for a picnic or a beach day. I was in school, on the fifth floor playing dodgeball. I disliked going up those flights of stairs. Nonetheless, that day I witness what many didn't know after a while or so. The beautiful blue sky now where dark and gray. Covered was the skies above black and gray spreading closer and closer. We just panic, we were little kids with no understanding of what was accruing. Wasn't it just another normal day? What was moments of happiness suddenly turned to crying and yelling. We didn't know what it was we cried about but we knew it was because the adults where crying. Later in years as i got older I understood my teacher cries. Now I understood that inside my teacher there was pain because she didn't know if her daughter had made it safe from the flight she had taken that same day. I see the before and after picture and it makes me feel unpleasant. I feel a strong connection to what had accrued. Last week I also lost someone special, my grandma. She was very special to me but sadly to weak to fight her demons. Everyday people lose a person, thing or place that once brought happiness and joy. I see these towers and I think what a beautiful world we live in; we can somehow overcome our differences to stand under one for a day and have compassion for one another. Towers how you stand so tall and proud, pictures are all that are left, however, pictures can be enough to tell a story. I have just told mine; millions can tell others. One thing to agree on is if we come together the world makes for a better and happier place.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lemme Touch You

Diana Encarnacion
                                                 I Want to Feel You
To stand on a train full of people during rush hour in the city of New York feels more like being trapped in a sauna room by a malevolent villain just because he thinks it’s funny. That was my situation two Fridays ago. Stepping into the train, I could barely move. It felt uncomfortable, like everyone was breathing down my neck at the same time. I couldn’t wait until the train became decongested so I could find a seat.
As people started to leave the train, my foot began to hurt. I had wrapped it due to the doctor’s orders, but it wasn’t helping. I looked down at my foot which began to get swollen. Luckily, the train stopped at Steinway and a middle aged man who was leaving, offered me his seat.
He said, “Miss, you can have my seat.”
I replied, “Thank you, finally a gentleman. I appreciate it.”
Sadly, in the time it took me to thank him, a sneaky, paper thin Asian woman saw the opportunity and took my seat.
I exclaimed, “I can’t believe this this is unbelievable have some manners.”
She mumbled something I couldn’t make out, but I felt the hot blood rushing under my skin, I just wanted to punch her. I was able to contain myself in part, I didn’t want to fight and I also didn’t like the looks of the man sitting next to the woman. I began to observe him for a while and he seemed to have wandering eyes. He was a short, sloppy looking man who was wearing a wrinkled white shirt which had mustard yellow stains under the arms. His stomach also seemed to ooze out from under the shirt. He had a navy blue hat on his head and paint spatter all over his pants, he also seemed to be on edge, there was something off about this man.
The train had begun to come to a stop at 65th street. The large metallic doors slid open and a few more people flooded out through the double doors. My eyes began to travel around the small train car but I noticed I couldn't keep my eyes off of the weird little man. He kept glancing over at the Asian woman he was sitting next to. He seemed to be taking a little too much interest in this particular woman.
The arrival to Roosevelt Ave. was long overdue. As the train started to slow down I saw the Asian woman stand up and hold on to the pole for dear life. I remained seated and suddenly the suspicious man caught my attention. The train was almost at a complete halt, when the man quickly sprang up towards the Asian woman. He stuck right next to her like a shadow, but she hadn’t even noticed him. She moved closer to the door as the train bells rang, the man wasn’t too far behind her.
        The man had saliva dripping out through the sides of his mouth as if he had seen a bacon cheeseburger in front of him with a vanilla shake and fries. However, it wasn’t lunch time for this man more like grab an go time. The heavy metal train doors opened as the two stood in front of them. The train cart was almost empty at this point however, people were still getting off; from these few that remand to step off were the Asian lady and the lonely creeper. It all happened so quickly that no one in the train cart could comprehend the situation quick enough to react. She took one step and he as well with his hand in a curve position almost as if he were throwing a baseball; then suddenly grabbed her ass with such a great force that she almost fell over. He ran like he was Usain Bolt and luckily for him the elevator doors were still open but very clear that there was no space inside. Nonetheless, he shoved himself and managed to somehow squeeze in. Her face turned from a pale white to almost ghost white shocked at what had happen she stood unmoving on the platform. Her face showed disgust and disgrace suddenly the doors closed and she stood frozen in time.
            As I road off into the sunset I couldn’t help but to wonder what was of them both had he gotten caught?  Was she still at held. Though this may sound a little bad I was happy it wasn’t me. People don’t always know that what may be good to others isn’t always good for them. She had taken my seat knowing it was for me but didn’t care enough to not be selfish. So instead she paid with her ass.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is me.

We all have a story to tell. Hearing from what most people have to say or have said in the class they seem to live an exciting life with very few breaks. However, i have a very simple and easy going life. Things seem pretty okay at the moment. The only thing i can complain about is work and how shitty and boring the people are; beside my boyfriend whom I love and adore. I have no future plans or goals I take life one day at a time I have ambitious but thats for me to know and hopefully one day youll find out when you see me on the television. Life is blah, but theres always those little moments in life that make you stride and help me realize theres a whole lot i gotta learn in life.

Yours Truly, Diana